Utah Resident Chuck Warren - Silver Bullet, LLC Partner

December 24, 2017
Chuck Warren fell in love with Utah and when he found a job he could enjoy, he made Utah his home. He is currently the managing director for Utah based Silver Bullet, LLC. In this position, Chuck Warren manages many of their primary tasks such as public affairs, crisis communication and initiative qualification services. Before this position, he gained many useful skills from all different industries ranging from major law firms to municipalities and developers to established organizations. Being able to work for all kinds of industries has helped Chuck Warren to develop a business savvy that is more in depth than a professional that has only worked in one field of industry.

Chuck Warren, Utah Political Fundraiser

September 22, 2017
In Chuck Warren, Utah's Republican Mia Love found a Finance Co-Chair for her congressional campaign with whom she could trust completely. In addition to his demonstrated prowess as a fundraiser, Chuck also has grown a reputation over the years as someone more than willing to take on many types of tasks and assignments that would intimidate many others and to get the best possible results.

Chuck Warren, Utah businessman, has also demonstrated an enviable ability to implement the types of strategies designed to raise awareness and bring success to many different types of projects. In fact, as managing director for the highly regarded consulting firm, Silver Bullet, LLC, Mia Love knows she chose someone with a wide range of experience dealing with public affairs issues, as well as with crisis communication and initiative qualifications. He has performed these tasks for many large law firms and multinational corporations, but he has also helped governmental organizations deal with the same issues.

Political Specialist Chuck Warren of Utah

June 25, 2017
Despite the fact that he has worked in most of the country, for Chuck Warren, Utah is special. At various times, he has been the National Republican Congressional Committee Finance Chair for Utah and Arizona and he served numerous prominent campaign finance roles with many Republican campaigns for president and Congress. In fact, he is so influential in Republican politics that he was chosen as one of “Campaigns and Elections” magazine’s “Influencers 500” in 2013.

That may have been on reason Chuck Warren was chosen by Republican Mia Love to be her campaign finance chair when she decided to run for Congress the 4th Congressional District of Utah. He is not just a highly accomplished fundraiser, but he has shown himself capable of taking on many of the most difficult assignments eagerly and in a way that manages to produce the best results. In addition to working on political campaigns, Chuck Warren, Utah strategist has also been able to raise awareness and bring success to a variety of projects, not the least of which was his leadership on getting the regulatory changes necessary to bring an end to many of the financial practices of the type that brought down the financial system in 2008.

In addition to his political activities, Chuck Warren, Utah lobbyist and consultant, is also the managing director for Silver Bullet, LLC, a highly regarded consulting firm, From there, he has dealt with a great many issues in areas like public affairs and he has led efforts in the areas of crisis communication and initiative qualifications. He has also represented many multinational corporations, high-profile law firms, municipalities, developers and many other types of organizations.

The Politics & Business of Chuck Warren

March 29, 2017
Chuck Warren has been involved in politics in Utah for years. He’s a prolific fundraiser who has worked on political campaigns and organizations in Utah and nationally. That includes fundraising for Senator Mike Lee, Governor Jon Huntsman, Representative Mia Love, Representative Jason Chaffetz, The Straight Talk Express PAC, etc. He’s also served on both the Utah Finance Committee and the National Finance Committee for Romney for President in 2012. Chuck Warren is glad to have his name associated with such legends of the conservative political scene, both inside Utah and in the United States more broadly.

Chuck Warren is an equity owner in September Inc., a managing director for Campaign Butler, a managing director for Monolith Registries, a partner in Running With The Bulls, and a franchise owner in Slices Pizza. His work with Monolith Registries is particularly interesting, as it involves the promotion and registering of top level domains .vote and .voto.

Chuck Warren has never struggled to articulate his worldview or his beliefs on matters. He has been able to appear on numerous radio programs, including NPR. His columns and thoughts have appeared on BigGovernment.com, Breitbart.com, The Daily Caller, The Wall Street Journal, The Tampa Tribune, Politico, The Washington Post, the Washington Times, and The Deseret News, among other outlets.