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Chuck Warren, Utah Political Fundraiser

September 22, 2017
In Chuck Warren, Utah's Republican Mia Love found a Finance Co-Chair for her congressional campaign with whom she could trust completely. In addition to his demonstrated prowess as a fundraiser, Chuck also has grown a reputation over the years as someone more than willing to take on many types of tasks and assignments that would intimidate many others and to get the best possible results.

Chuck Warren, Utah businessman, has also demonstrated an enviable ability to implement the types of strategies designed to raise awareness and bring success to many different types of projects. In fact, as managing director for the highly regarded consulting firm, Silver Bullet, LLC, Mia Love knows she chose someone with a wide range of experience dealing with public affairs issues, as well as with crisis communication and initiative qualifications. He has performed these tasks for many large law firms and multinational corporations, but he has also helped governmental organizations deal with the same issues.